Furniture coatings must conform to certain performance criteria. Properties like scratch and mar resistance for Interior Furniture and UV durability and corrosion protection for Exterior Furniture are crucial to the lifetime and sustained quality of the surface finishing.

With that in mind, Interpon F scientists have developed industry standards and specifications for the performance of these coatings in various environments. The subsequent product development arising from this means we have a dedicated range of powder products unique to the Furniture industry with specific performance attributes.

We bring you Interpon F – Powder Coating finishes that are guaranteed to enhance your metal furniture both today and tomorrow, delivering the visual and technical requirements that our furniture customers expect.


Powder coatings are not just aesthetic. They must protect the metal beneath it and provide longevity over the lifetime of the piece.

At AkzoNobel Powder Coatings we have developed the specifications for our range of interior and exterior Furniture products using well known industry standards and in-house testing.

There are many different tests and specifications for coatings as a whole, but those detailed are the key performance criteria for coatings on Furniture. We have the global industry expertise to assist you in selecting the right powder coating for your furniture.

Please click on the links below to access furniture data on the various performance levels available in Interpon F. These pages outline the key performance criteria and specifications of the Interpon F products. You will also find details of the various test methods employed when developing our Interpon F specifications.

Interpon F for furniture

Interpon F is the perfect sustainable coating option for both interior and exterior furniture.